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Your Life is a Soldier’s Story

  1. Your life is a soldier’s story, for you are constantly under attack from within and without. NEVER GIVE UP!
  2. Hill A has the most enemy resistance. Take Hill B instead. Take as many Hill B’s as you can. Soon you will surround Hill A and OVERCOME it.
  3. Find yourself an able bodied commander; FOLLOW and LEARN from him or her because you will one day become a commander too.
  4. LEADERSHIP is from the front. It always has been and always will be.
  5. Train as a team. Remember Hill A is well fortified and wants to kill you. TRAIN! TRAIN! TRAIN!
  6. COMMUNICATE your intentions, wants and needs to your team. They are best able to help you. No one wants to die from friendly fire.
  7. When you are tired, confused, frustrated, depressed, ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK your problems.

Marlon Aldridge, Sr.
Battle Field Commander

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