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Do you need skilled African American general contractors and sub-contractors in Montgomery County Ohio? Call (937) 732-5316 or visit our Contact Us page. The Nubian Builders Association promotes only the best skilled general contractors and sub-contractors in Montgomery County Ohio.

Job Leads for Contractors

Are you an African American general contractor or sub-contractor , who can stand to make more money from more work? Join the Nubian Builders Association and take advantage of many services that are available to members only such as commercial and residential job leads, blueprint delivery service, bonding and insurance, incorporation services, and more. Get the competitive advantage! Join today. Download the application, call (937) 732-5316, or visit our Contact Us page.

Wanted: African American Journeymen & Apprentice Candidates

Do you need job placement services or notice of apprenticeship opportunities? The Nubian Builders Association actively advocates for jobs for African American journeymen and recruits African Americans for placement in construction-related apprenticeship programs in the Miami Valley. Download the application, call (937) 732-5316, or visit our Contact Us page.

We Provide Services for Contractors

Are you in need of leads, business, or professional services? If so, we can assist you directly or through partner referral. Download the Description of Services flier now. If you have questions, call us at (937) 732-5316.

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Black Construction WorkersThe Nubian Builders Association (NBA) is a member organization of Black skilled trades people, general contractors, and sub-contractors.

Are you looking to gain a competitive advantage in the construction industry? If so then you have come to the right place. Join Us! Look at the individual and organizational benefits below for more details.


To develop and support Black skilled trade workers and organizations in the construction industry.


We will create and maintain an environment where Black skilled trade workers and organizations are highly organized and resourceful, competitive, and committed to the development of future generations of industry crafts people.


We value integrity, trust, devotion to duty, and craftsmanship.


We work tirelessly to achieve the following goals:

  1. Equal participation in all aspects of the construction industry, including government contracting opportunities.
  2. Abundant training and apprenticeship opportunities in construction-related fields.
  3. High demand talent pools.
  4. Supportive construction-related financial, business and professional services.

Benefits (click question to see answer)

Q: What are the benefits of individual membership?
  1. Affiliation credentials.
  2. Training opportunities.
  3. Apprenticeship opportunities.
  4. Job placement assistance.
  5. Networking opportunities.
  6. Member discounts.
  7. Access to Job Bank.
Q: What are the benefits of organizational membership?
  1. Affiliation credentials.
  2. Access to bonding and insurance*.
  3. Access to commercial contract leads, home improvement leads, and blueprints*.
  4. Access to a skilled and semi-skilled labor pool.
  5. Financing for companies with invoices*.
  6. Representation at pre-bid meetings and technical assistance meetings*.
  7. Networking and partnership opportunities.

* Fees apply.


Individual Membership

Organizational Membership

Two Regional Trade Associations Partner - Monday, June 9, 2014

DAYTON, OH – The Nubian Builders Association, which is a division of the Black Man’s Think Tank, and the Ohio Valley Associated Builders and Contractors have recently partnered to satisfy mutually beneficial needs. Both organizations are member trade associations which promote and support the construction trades.

 “We need to expand the talent pool of recruits entering the construction trades because the current workforce is nearing retirement age”, said John Morris, president of OVABC. “The average age of a carpenter is 55 years old and our members are struggling to fill openings because the traditional pathways aren’t producing enough qualified candidates”.

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Minority Contractors Wanted - Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Minority Contractors Wanted -The Nubian Builders Association is looking for construction-related contractors in Southwest Ohio. We are looking for the best general contractors and sub-contractors  to help them make money. Must be registered with the Ohio Secretary of State. We want to help them compete for residential,corporate, state-funded, and state-assisted work. Are you willing to do what it takes to get more work? Click on the following link for more info.

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Wanted: Journeymen and Apprentice CandidatesWanted: Journeymen and Apprentice Candidates - Monday, June 3, 2013

Dayton, OH - The Nubian Builders Association is recruiting African American journeymen and apprentice candidates to assist them in finding work  in construction-related trades. Women are encouraged. Click on the following link for more information.

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