Skilled Contractors and Subs Needed

We are looking for skilled contractors and sub-contractors to do residential and commercial work. We conduct business background checks and verify job references. Call (937) 732-5316 for more information.

Contractor Referral Programs

Do you have a residential or commercial construction business?

Make more money with fresh referrals. We have programs for small, medium, and large companies.

Contractors with Corporate and Government Clients

Lease one of our experienced construction industry professionals to access, compile, and send you leads using three subscription-based lead generation programs: (1) Connxus ®, (2) DODGE Reports®, and (3) FedBizAccess®


  1. Free up valuable time for top-level staff that perform this function.
  2. Increase your current number of qualified leads received each month for a fraction of the cost.
  3. Spend more time developing bid proposals and joint venture relationships.
  4. Save on the cost of lead generation subscription services.

Here’s how this program works.

  1. Setup and fund your account, $100 minimum.
  2. Call or email us during normal business hours to put in a work request when needed.
  3. Tell us who your ideal clients are and we will deliver them to you via email.
  4. Payment is deducted from your account for hours worked each week, if any. Rate is $22 per hour. Replenish your account as needed.
  5. You will receive a monthly statement detailing the total number of hours worked and the total number of leads provided to you.
  6. Call (937) 732-5316 to setup your account.

Small Contractor Programs (customers are primarily in the following Ohio counties: Montgomery and Greene)

  1. Pay per lead – notification of fresh leads sent directly to you by email or text.

Here’s how this program works.

  • Setup and fund your account, $75 minimum. $15 per residential lead, $25 per commercial lead.
  • Receive and choose the leads you want.
  • Payment is deducted from your account. You pay only for the leads you choose.
  • Make immediate contact with potential client.
  • Call (937) 732-5316 to setup your account.
  1. Referral Agreement – pay a referral fee after the payment is received from the client.

Here’s how this program works.

  • Become a small business member of the Nubian Builders Association. Download application.
  • Read, understand, and sign the referral agreement. Download referral agreement.
  • Receive and choose the leads you want.
  • Pay referral fee to us immediately after completion of job.

Make more money, get started today!

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Do you need a kitchen or bath remodeled? Do you need a room addition or garage added to your home? Are you a commercial business? Whatever the job, our pre-screened residential and commercial contractors  will get the job done right. They build new homes too. No job is too small or too large.Black Construction Worker

What's the advantage?

Many times contractors get a bad rap, but the fact of the matter is that many times home owners and businesses do not conduct proper background checks on them. The Nubian Builders Association does. Each of our contractors is pre-screened, e.g. must be registered with the state, must be insured and/or bondable, must have resolved Better Business Bureau complaints if any, and must have good verifiable references.

The best advantage of working through a trade organization to get referrals is that we get to know which contractors are best. Moreover, skilled carpenters are on staff to answer questions before, during, or after the job. Our name is also on the line. We want the job done right too.

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The Nubian Builders Association is a trade-marked division of the Black Man's Think Tank. Each contractor or sub-contractor acts independently of the BMTT and the NBA. No employment relationship exists between either organization.

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