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Business-“The Inside Scoop”
Increase business growth through employee satisfaction.

Personal-“Will You Please Move Over?”
Self-Efficacy, Self-Attainment, Self-Value, Self-Worth.

Education–M.I.N.D. Your Own Business-“Decide To Go For The Ride”
(Making Impact Negotiating)


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Cassandra McDonald

Cassandra McDonald Photo

“It’s a M.I.N.D. Thing” is a statement commonly used by Cassandra McDonald in order to express the need for every youth to be educated, knowledgeable about business, and to possess leadership and life skills that will assist them in being successful. This statement is also the name of her radio show.

Mrs. McDonald is an international speaker, resulting with life coach clients throughout the world.  Her training consultancy for company talent development, creating interventions impacts a company’s culture experiencing strategic overload. Her Education Advocacy Consultancy helps set goals for higher achievements.

Cassandra McDonald is an international recording, award winning vocal soloist, concert artist, captivating teacher, motivational speaker, composer, business owner, pianist, and playwright. Cassandra has been an educator for over twenty-five years. Her teaching career started in the public schools and she has been on the voice faculty at Muskingum University, for twenty years. Cassandra is also an adjunct faculty of Ohio University. She also serves on the advisory board of the Women’s Federation for World Peace.

Cassandra was awarded the "Outstanding Soloist of 1992" by Charles Watkins International Pentecostal Assemblies of the World.   She is also the recipient of the 1997 "Business Woman of the Year" Award for C.A.S.S. Productions.  In 2002, Cassandra was the first vocalist to receive the Vocal Net Ovation Award for Outstanding Soloist. In 2005-2006 Cassandra was selected for inclusion of MANCHESTER WHO'S WHO. In 2009/2010 she was also given the National Association of Professional Women’s Award. In 2010 Ohio Secretary of State awarded C.A.S.S. Camp the Service of Excellence Award. This year Cassandra was inducted into Top Executive Award by Who’s Who. Mrs. McDonald has a BA in Music Education, from the University of Michigan, MA in Arts of Education, and PhD (AbD) in Family Studies with a Specialty in Intervention Strategies.


Cassandra is the founder 501(C)(3) non-for profit C.A.S.S.-M.I.N.D. (Creating Artists, Stimulating Success/Making Impact, Negotiating Decisions) C.A.S.S.-M.I.N.D. is an organization dedicated to teaching its creative arts students about music, drama, writing, and visual arts, but offers all ages an opportunity to learn about business, leadership, and life skills. Its young students and artists are drawn from the Eastern Ohio area, local social services organizations, and the C.A.S.S. Performing Arts Camp. C.A.S.S. Performing Arts Camp is in its ninth year.

Cassandra has created the CASS-MIND Academy.  C.A.S.S./M.I.N.D. Academy conducts a year-round program initiative to “Keep Kids In School”(KKIS). C.A.S.S.-M.I.N.D. Academy addresses the need to support youth development in education, arts, culture and business. C.A.S.S./M.I.N.D. The Academy focuses on building character in our youth and combating juvenile delinquency. Cassandra’s musical influences are published in Twenty-two Spanish-speaking nations.

Recently, Cassandra has begun conducting Vision Retreats, which are inspirational retreats for adults with team vision exercises, breakout sessions, a house concert and rejuvenation in a relaxing, nurturing environment.  Cassandra has lectured in colleges, schools and churches. Mrs. McDonald has also been a guest of Pavarotti’s School of Music. Her Cass Camp team was invited to Guatemala to teach music, art and business encouraging education, employment and empowerment.

Mrs. McDonald is the mother of five children, sharing twelve degrees amongst them. Additionally, she is a surrogate mother to many young adults who adopt her as their second mother. She has dedicated her life to working with youth and assisting them in becoming successful adults. Cassandra sees the needs of the youth in the community and she continually strives to fulfill those needs.

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