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We provide volunteer, commissioned sales, professional, and business opportunities for the right people or business owners. Moreover, we provide excellent training, resources, and expertise to the right people and business owners.

Current Opportunities

  1. To gain job experience and expertise in the nonprofit field and in our priority areas: (1) strategic alliances and partnerships, (2) public policy/advocacy/research, and (3) business services.
  2. To develop commissioned sales for yourself with the BMTT, its divisions, or member organizations.
  3. To advance your research, public policy, or advocacy agendas.
  4. To help create and facilitate alliances and partnerships between Black organizations and professionals, both locally and nationally, within the following industries or industry clusters: (1) nonprofit; (2) entertainment, fine arts, and performing arts; (3) construction trades; (4) health and social services; (5) information technology; (6) retail, manufacturing, distribution, and transportation; (7) business and professional services; and (8) education.
  5. To develop and establish marketing partnerships with the BMTT, its subsidiaries, or member organizations.
  6. To create high demand product and/or service companies with a possible ownership stake.
  7. To provide seed and start-up funding for companies with high-projected growth.

Who We’re Looking For

  1. College interns.
  2. Volunteers.
  3. Commissioned sales representatives.
  4. Experienced researchers, EdD’s and PhD’s are preferred.
  5. Experienced public policy experts and advocates in the areas of business, education, health/health care, or criminal justice.
  6. Industry professionals to help create and facilitate alliances and partnerships within targeted industries. Must become member of your targeted industry alliance.
  7. Successful businesses looking for marketing partners (i.e., we will market your high demand products and services according to your specifications for a commission). Other business relationships are considered. Sorry no multi-level marketing companies and/or application fees. Must become a small business member.
  8. Successful businesses and/or professionals with product and/or service development expertise, who are willing to provide sweat equity and delay monetary gain. Must be willing to work in collaboration with like-minded professionals and businesses, have excellent integrity, and become a small business member.
  9. Accredited investors as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Regulation D.

College Interns and Federal Work Study Students

The following opportunities are available (Click each one to see qualifications and responsibilities):
  1. Business Development Assistant
  2. Customer Service Assistant.
  3. Financial Management Assistant.
  4. Information Technology Assistant.
  5. Marketing Assistant.
  6. Program Assistant.
  7. Research Assistant
  8. Sales Assistant.
Qualified candidates send your resumes to [email protected] or mail them to Black Man’s Think Tank, Inc., 5499 West Third St, Suite 104, Dayton, OH 45417.

Experienced Researchers, Public Policy Experts, and Advocates

Call Marlon Aldridge at (937) 732-5316 to discuss your agendas. We may be able to receive grants to fund your work under the auspices of the BMTT.

Businesses and Professionals

Call Marlon Aldridge at (937) 732-5316 to discuss opportunities with our organization. See our strategic plan to gauge your interest.

Current Program Opportunities


Individual, nonprofit, small business, and/or corporate memberships are available depending on the program. For more specific information on each program, visit

Commissioned Sales Opportunities

Click here to see the qualifications, responsibilities, and compensation. Qualified candidates send your resumes to [email protected] or mail them to Black Man’s Think Tank, Inc., 5499 West Third St, Suite 104, Dayton, OH 45417.

Our Strategic Plan (Click here)


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